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Gina Jolie

Gina Jolie
Gina Jolei, Gina Julie, Gina
J, Gina Jolee, Gina Joli,
Mar 13, 1986 (28 yrs)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2003-Present (11 yrs)
162 cm / 5'3
50 kg / 110 lbs
7 (US. CAD)
Rose on pubic area, back,

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Gina Jolie Filmes pornográficos (15 Vídeos de sexo no total)

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Bi Group Sex Club 2
Categorias: bissexual
Sex is sex, and this group of fun guys and gals knows it. They don't care if it's cock, pussy, a mouth, or an ass, it's all meat to them and they love it. Watch them get down with each other in all different combinations to maximize their AND your pleasure!
Bi Group Sex Club
Categorias: bissexual
Raunchy action with just a little bit of class. The girls and guys lick more than just sticky lollipops... hot bi sex action! There's nothing a group of hot bi-men and women can't do to each other. There's no doubt you'll wish you were part of their sucking and fucking chain gang club.
Latina Fever 2
Latina Fever heats up even more with all kinds of great action, including anals, DPs and ATMs. All this from the hottest Latin girls around!
Delicious Girls
'abbywinters.com delivers real girls having passionate sex. They are happy, healthy and naturally sexy girls with no makeup, no fake breasts, exploring their salacious desires for other girls. No script, just pure unadulterated girls having sex exactly as they want to, with real orgasms and passion.'
Personal Desires
'Imagine youre in a closet. You watch from the perfect vantage point. A beautiful young girl comes in and slowly walks around her room. She then starts to undo the buttons on her silk dress, lets it drop to the floor and steps over it, revealing her pert nipples and curvaceous body. She climbs into bed and delicately starts to run her hand across her leg. You can see from her face that she is getting flushed. She squeezes her breasts and lets out a gentle moan. You have to be quiet so as not to disturb her. She then starts touching and rubbing her pussy, then spreading her labia to reveal an engorged clit. She tickles and rubs her clit into a frenzy and has an orgasm right before your very eyes. Welcome to the Intimate Moment series. No camera operator, no direction, just real girls masturbating to orgasm. And the best part...you get to watch what it is really like to see a woman cum when she is alone and you can make as much noise as you want!'
Girls Who Love Transsexuals #2
'Girls love trannys. Regular guys just cant compete. Soft skin, long hair, big tits and a big thick cock. Everything a woman needs!'
Naughty & Alone
You're in a closet. A beautiful young natural girl comes in. She walks around her room as you watch from a perfect vantage point hidden away from her. She then starts to undress, one garment at a time, slowly revealing her naked body. Then she climbs into bed. She starts to run her hand across her leg delicately. You can see from her face that she is getting flushed. Then she starts to squeeze her breast and moan. You have to be quiet so as not to disturb her. She then stats touching and rubbing her pussy. She gets worked up into frenzy and has an orgasm right before your very eyes. Well, that is the experience this intimate moments DVD features, compiling 10 models and 10 scenes of voyeuristic masturbation sensations. No camera operator, no direction, just amateur models masturbating to orgasm. And the best part, you get to watch what it is really like to see a woman come when she is alone and you can make as much noise as you want!
Rim Of The World
What the world needs now is a high class rim job movie! Plus: The girls get enemas in this movie!
Sex Thriller
Categorias: Porno
That Nacho ? what a scoundrel! First he engages in filthy, brutish sex with some of the most beautiful women in porn. And somehow, he brainwashes these poor girlz into loving every minute of it! Great production values with the fabulous sex we all expect from a Nacho Vidal video.
Buttman's Ass Adoro
Categorias: Big Butts, Anal, trois, Gonzo
Gina Jolie has a smoldering, sometimes dangerously out of control, sexuality. Jazz Duro is crazy about her. They have a tremendous chemistry together. The wild card was Lorena. I picked her from a photo in an agent's book. He said she was hot. But you always take a chance when you pick a girl from a picture. And I was taking another chance when I booked a three way. Was I maybe spoiling a good intimate thing between my two main people? Maybe, but sometimes magic happens.
Sexxx 4
estrelando: Gina Jolie
Starring the raunchiest sluts in porn! 120 minutes of hardcore scenes!
Pick Up Lines 80
Categorias: amador, Porno
The producers of Pick Up Lines have picked up some of the most beautiful babes from around the world and assembled them in this award winning video series.
Sex Festival
estrelando: Gina Jolie
The biggest Brazilian party!
Transposed 7
Categorias: transexuais
If you like transsexuals, you know where the best-looking are...Brazil! Elegant Angel brings you the best from Rio, Sao Paulo, and Bahia. The fact that we own a company there means at least one thing: THEY COME TO US FIRST.
Desert Sluts
Categorias: Latinas, Porno
These Brazilian sluts dance for dick!
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